Johnson & Johnson Surgical Vision

Kick-off Meeting 2022

Conceptualisation & Design I Event Marketing I Show Production I Event Management


From Zoom fatigue to electrifying engagement:

How we orchestrated an 8 hour virtual marathon

The challenge was to devise a solution to maintain excitement and focus throughout an 8hour virtual stream. Traditional presentation and video calls were unlikely to hold the attendees’ attention.

SEVENTY2 developed JJV TV Channel format for the event. Presentations and key messages were woven into a series of engaging programs, transforming speakers into segment hosts. Each business unit had its own customized program logo, reinforcing key messages through branding.

A variety of virtual and live sets complemented each program theme. Presenters donned fun outfits to add personality. Interactive games like “Guess the Word” encouraged participation. Team spirit also took center stage where each office submitted a creative team video which showcased employee talent and camaraderie.

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