Kick-Off 2022

400 pax conference, 20 breakouts, celebration party

Conceptualisation & Design I Event Marketing I Show Production I Event Management


Beyond the Ballroom:

Reimagining a conference

Adyen is a dynamic, fast-growing company known for its open communication culture sought a non-traditional venue for their annual kickoff. They needed a space brimming with energy to accommodate 400 attendees, multiple breakout groups and round table sessions running simultaneously.

Our solution was then to find a unique venue that mirrored the client’s open and collaborative spirit. Additionally, we had to design a program that facilitated seamless transitions between all the different sessions. We identified a historical landmark that was reimagined into a modern space. Its unique architecture offered a prefect background. The program was meticulously crafted with a dynamic stage setup, dedicated spaces for casual discussions. A surprise celebration party unfolded with a dramatic reveal of the party space.

By finding the right space and crafting a unique agenda, we delivered an experience that not only met the client’s needs but also fostered their company culture.

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