GovWare 2023


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Immersing attendees in Singtel’s enterprise cybersecurity solutions

Singtel, a forerunner in cybersecurity solutions needed a trade show booth to stand out and showcase complex solutions. They needed an experience that would to only grab attention but also educate and engage attendees.

We ditched the typical open booth design and created a unique “brand box” experience. The semi enclosed space, with angled arches as well as a towering overhanging structure with metallic finishes maximized visibility, drawing attendees in. Within the brand box, a customized attendee journey was designed to inform and capture interest. To ensure engagement from all angles, we strategically employed multiple design elements. An interactive touchscreen allowed attendees to delve deeper into the solutions, while vivid visuals and solution-oriented headlines emblazoned on strategically located light boxes created a cohesive narrative that seamlessly flowed throughout the booth.  

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