Johnson & Johnson Vision

Kick-off Meeting 2024

250 pax conference, breakouts, awards dinner

Conceptualisation & Design I Event Marketing I Show Production I Event Management

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Uniting Teams, Inspiring a Shared Purpose

The objective was to forge a unified team with a shared vision and strong camaraderie.We were tasked with the challenge of bridging and fostering a sense of unity through “Vision Made Possible”, their new corporate tagline.

Enter Camp Vision, a bespoke two-day program designed to immerse employees in a relaxed and inclusive environment, Interactive presentations, team building activities, and a celebratory award dinner formed the core of the program, encouraging collaboration, communication and a sense of belonging.

The result was fun and transformative as we saw a significant increase in unity and camaraderie across all divisions. Employees embraced and understood the new corporate vision and values which resulted in an inspired and motivated team of 2024, exemplifying our ability to customize an event strategy that best foster unity and inspires a shared vision.

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