ST Engineering

Innotech Conference 2023

1000 pax conference, 5 breakouts, innovation showcase

Conceptualisation & Design I Event Marketing I Show Production I Event Management


Merging physical and virtual worlds:

How we elevated Innotech Conference 2023

Tasked with the challenge of surpassing attendee’s experience at the annual ST Innotech Conference 2023 – a cornerstone for collaboration and innovation. This translated into keeping a captivated audience engaged amidst an ever-evolving technological landscape.

Based on the theme of “Thriving In the New Dynamic”, we seamlessly merged both physical and virtual worlds. A captivating holographic multimedia opening set the tone, followed by an innovation showcase featuring hands-on demos and interactive activities within each pod. Live polling and Q&A sessions facilitated through an audience response platform fostered meaningful connections between speakers and attendees.

Engagement soared. We not only planted seeds of inspiration through the conference itself, but also nurtured them through a targeted pre-event campaign email, ensuring excitement remained high. Further demonstrating our commitment to sustainable practices, we replaced traditional swags with a tree-planting initiative, resulting in a positive environmental impact of over 2000 trees planted.

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